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These items are required to scan with Matterport, but are NOT included in your purchase. You must purchase them separately.

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Learn how to scan

Everything you need to know about operating the Matterport 3D camera

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Learn how to edit, manage, and share your spaces

Enrich, embellish, and add value to your spaces.

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Get inspired

Check out cool places others have scanned.

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Learn How to Scan

Follow this 10 step guide to learn how to create your first 3D model.

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Best Practices

Mark features

for better alignment and to improve the overall quality of the final result.

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Marking mirrors is crucial for alignment. However, this will not remove the image of the camera from the mirror itself.

Place scan positions

5 to 8 ft (1.5 to 2.5 m) apart and with a line-of-sight to a previous scan.

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Recover from errors

by moving the camera closer to a previous scan position.

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Adjust lighting

to make it consistent throughout the place.

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Avoid direct sunlight

as it can interfere with the camera.

Scan up the stairs

and create a new floor when you get to the top.

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Floors in Capture app are different from floors in 3D Showcase.
Learn more.

Keep doors open

the entire time while onsite to avoid alignment issues.

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Doors that are closed in one scan and open in another can cause problems.
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Use doorstops

to make sure doors stay still.

Going Outside?

Switch to 360º View mode and scan. 360° Views are like 3D scans, but they only collect 2D visual data. They are perfect for bright outdoor scans, like sheds, patios, gardens and porches.

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Want to scan an outdoor guest house or garden? Switch from 360° View to 3D Scan mode. Scan the path at dusk or at dawn.

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Test & Experiment

For larger models, duplicate the model in the Capture app, make modifications, and then upload the duplicate.

You can:

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Add new scans
Delete scans
Change markings

Create a few “test models” with just one or two scans and then upload. These will be processed and visible immediately. Test models can help you understand the lighting and environmental hurdles unique to each property.

Manage Your Spaces

You will use Matterport Cloud to list, view, edit, share, organize, and collaborate on your 3D models.

First, log in to Matterport Cloud at

You should have received an invite by email after you purchased the camera. If you didn't receive an invite yet, please contact us.

Inviting collaborators allows you to share viewing and editing privileges with others in your organization.

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Edit Your Spaces

Click the pencil icon to switch to edit mode . From here, you can change the starting position of your guided tours, add annotations, create highlight reels, and measure virtually every aspect of your space. All in an effort to create the richest, most immersive user experience possible.

Set the start position

where people start when 3D Showcase loads.

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Verify the location

or add a physical address if none exists.

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Take snapshots

which you can use in print and digital marketing.

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Create a highlight reel

to guide people through the Space.

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Hide extra scans

so they don’t appear in 3D Showcase.

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Add Mattertag Posts

to provide more info and to link to external sites.

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You can use links in Mattertag Posts to connect to other Matterport Spaces.
Learn how.

Share Your Space

You can invite Collaborators to view, upload, and edit your Matterport Spaces.

Billing & Invoices

Change your cloud plan
Update your credit card information
Download an invoice

Login to Matterport Cloud and go to:

You must be an Admin with 'Billing Contact' privileges. Learn more.

Here you can:

Advanced Marketing Topics

Use Virtual Reality

for an even more immersive experience.

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Order a Schematic Floor Plan

to create additional value.

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Sell your Scan Services

to others as a Matterport Service Partner.

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Create a video from your Space

with screen recording software.

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Enhance your Marketing

with the Matterport media marketing kit.

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Do more with your Spaces

by exporting an OBJ file, point cloud, or by
joining our developer program.

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Contact our support team

with any more questions.

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Join the discussion

on our community.

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Read more tutorials and FAQs

on our support site.

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Best Practices for Editing

Duplicates are processed for free

Experiment with Capture before you make edits in Workshop

When you duplicate a space in the Capture app and upload, this creates an entirely new, independent 3D model in This means you will have to redo Workshop edits (like Mattertag™ Posts) in the new model.

Don’t delete models from the iPad until it’s absolutely necessary

You may want to return to the site and take additional scans.

Copy the sharing link and paste it into:

Text Message
Other Social Media

Copy and paste the ❮iframe❯ code and embed it in your blog, website or content management system (CMS).

Shoot outdoor environments last - switching between inside and outside scans in middle of the process can lead to major alignment issues.

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Watch a webinar hosted by our Customer Success team.

This webinar was originally hosted on May 18th, 2017.

Here's everything you need to know to be successful with your new Matterport Pro2 3D Camera.

Ignore the ‘No Internet Connection’ error message - the Wi-Fi connection is only between your camera and your iPad while you are scanning.

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Watch a webinar hosted by our Customer Success team.

This webinar was originally hosted on May 18th, 2017.

Matterport Pro vs Pro2 3D Camera

Matterport Pro2 3D Camera

Released in June 2017

2D Snapshots for Web, Digital, and Print Use

Maximum Snapshot Size: 8092 x 4552 pixels (36 MP)

GPS Module

3D Showcase

Cloud Sharing

Virtual Reality

3D Measurements

Learn More

Matterport Pro 3D Camera

Released in March 2014

2D Snapshots for Web and Digital Use

Maximum Snapshot Size: 1280 x 720 pixels (0.92 MP)

3D Showcase

Cloud Sharing

Virtual Reality

3D Measurements

The Matterport Pro2 3D Camera is great for taking 2D Snapshots for print use.

Learn MorePrinting Info

Matterport Academy 

Check out part 1 of our training video series below

Watch the rest of the videos on YouTube