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How Gilbane Building Co cuts their Field-to-Finish time with Matterport 3D Scanning

Learn how the Gilbane Building Company uses Matterport's 3D scanner, point clouds, and interactive walkthroughs for the basis of as-built designs, to streamline project management, to better document on-site conditions, to enhance communications, to improve risk mitigation, and more!

Learn how easy it is to get started with 3D reality capture:


See firsthand how Gilbane Building Company uses Matterport to improve the client experience and streamline operations

Join Chad Knutson, Gilbane's Midwest and Central Division Lead for VDC and Facility Management, and Dan Prochazka, AEC 3D Specialist from Matterport, as they discuss how Gilbane uses Matterport to improve their construction project workflow to bring key benefits to their clients.

Webinar Agenda:


How Gilbane uses Matterport's point clouds, hi-res imagery and automated floor plan views as the basis for design when documentation for a space doesn’t previously exist.

*Compatible with AutoCAD, Revit, ReCAP

How Gilbane uses Matterport's interactive walkthroughs and fast, automated scanning (no registration required) to track projects easily, share progress by stage with remote stakeholders, and push into 3D environments.

Construction Project Management

Turn over of as-builts

How Matterport's 3D Spaces provide a more enriched project close-out for clients as well as improve risk mitigation.

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“Matterport enabled us to mimic efficiencies of overall BIM execution plans on small projects. This is a great entry into the reality capture wave.”

Chad Knutson | Midwest and Central Division Leader for VDC and Facilities Management

Explore the 3D model above!

DATE: April 19, 2018

TIME: 11am-12pm Pacific

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