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Matterport Pro2 Hard Case Kit

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Get the power of the Pro2, securely protected with a hard-shell carrying case. Compatible with Professional, Business, and Enterprise subscription plans.


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  • 1 Pro2 Camera 
  • 1 Quick Release Tripod Mount
  • 1 Small Hard Case (20.16" x 16.85" x 8.37")
  • 1 Tripod (Pro2 / Pro3)
  • 1 Charging Kit (AC Adapter & Cable)
  • 1 Year Warranty (2 Years in EU)

Bigger spaces. Better accuracy. Faster scans.

Pro3 amplifies everything you love about our landmark Pro2 camera, allowing you to create beautifully accurate and immersive digital twins of any space — including outdoors.

Digital twins reimagined, re-engineered, and ready for anything.

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The go-to choice for
professional-grade capture.

Experience Pro2

An industry favorite, Pro2 delivers high-quality scans that produce stunning 3D models and virtual tours. Get everything you need to market, inspect, or redesign your properties. Great for scanning homes, apartments, hotels, and commercial buildings.

Boost your business.

Get high-quality 3D capture with unlimited 4K print-quality photography. Pro2 offers professional photo resolution at 134 megapixels.

Professional-grade image resolution.

Capture in 3D with the press of a button and minimal training. Pro2's powerful battery will enable you to capture multiple properties in one day. Pair with any iOS or Android device running the Matterport app.

Simple to get started. Easy to use.

Pro3’s ultra-fast, high-precision LiDAR sensor can run for hours, is surprisingly compact, and takes millions of measurements in any conditions.

High-performance, high-precision LiDAR.

Pro3 is lightweight and easy to carry throughout the day. A simple swap of the rechargeable batteries allows for continuous scanning until the job is done.

Designed with portability in mind.

Pro3-generated digital twins make it possible to get more accurate measurements and estimates for repairs, compliance, equipment, space planning, and more.

Manage your facilities more effectively.

Digital twin capture with Pro3 provides the detail you need to evaluate a property’s potential and identify possible limitations.

An accurate and detailed assessment.

Technical Specifications

3D Sensing

Depth technology


Class 1
(in accordance with IEC 60825-1:2014)




360° H / 295° V

Field of view

+/- 20mm @ 10m


100k points per second
1.5M points per scan

Depth resolution


Min operating range

Up to 100m (only available with E57)

Max operating range


3D data registration

3D Sensing


Output pano pixels



Number of exposures per HDR frame

Automatic, full model

White balance


Capture speed

<20 seconds per scan

<40 seconds

Camera boot time

Matterport Capture App on Apple or Android mobile devices

Remote operation

Wireless communication

BLE to setup Wi-Fi connection
WiFi 802.11 5GHz communication with mobile device running Capture App



181mm x 161.4mm x 76mm



>220 scans assuming continuous, consecutive scans


2.5 hours 80% charge
3.5 hours 100% charge

Battery charge time

Quick release tripod mount; Female 3/8-16 thread

Mounting mechanism



0°C to 40°C

Operating temperature

-20°C to 60°C

Storage temperature


Ingress protection


An affordable way to meet all your high-quality capture needs.

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MSRP: $3,795

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An affordable way to meet all your high-quality capture needs.

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Technical Specifications

3D Sensing

  • Professional photo resolution (134 megapixels) and 3D accuracy.
  • Great for scanning any size space.
  • Perfect for homes, apartments, hotels, and commercial buildings.
  • High-quality 3D capture with unlimited 4K print quality photography.
  • Easy to use 3D capture with the press of a single button and minimal training.
  • Powerful battery for capturing multiple properties in a day.
  • Pairs with any iOS or Android device running the Matterport app.


  • Output pano pixels: 134.2 MP, equirectangular
  • Export images up to 8092px x 4552px
  • Lens: 4K full glass.
  • White balancing: automatic full-mode.
  • 360° (left-right) x 300° (vertical) field of view.
  • Durable texture black plastic enclosure.
  • Manufactured in USA.
  • Size: 9.0” H, 10.25” W, 4.38” D (230 x 260 x 110 mm)
  • Weight: 7.5 lb (3.4kg)



  • WiFi to transfer data from camera to iOS or Android device through the Matterport app.
  • WiFi 802.11 n/ac 5 Ghz


  • Lithium ion battery.
  • Can scan for 8 hours on one charge.
  • 4.5 hour charge time.


  • Included

Matterport Pro2


MSRP: $3,395

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The industry favorite for high-resolution imagery, exceptional accuracy, and fast capture speed.

Matterport Pro2 Backpack Bundle


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Professional capture with easy portability, the Pro2 Backpack Bundle is perfect for on-the-go scanning.

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Starting at $3,395 $2,716.

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