Get Started with Matterport

Required Equipment

Basic Steps

Tripod or Monopod

Recommended Hardware

Apple® iPhone or iPad

iPhone (6S or newer) or
iPad (Pro, 6th generation, Air 2, or newer)


Scan the Property

Set up the camera, scan the property, and upload to the cloud.

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Edit Your 3D Space

Add to your space with snapshots, highlight reels, tags, and more.

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Share With Others

Share your virtual walkthrough with a colleague, client, or on social media.

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Set the tripod to eye-level (5 ft or 1.5 m).

Best Practices for Scanning

Mark features

for better alignment and to improve the overall quality of the final 3D space.

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Marking mirrors is crucial for alignment. However, this will not remove the image of the camera from the mirror itself.

Place scan positions

5 ft (1.5 m) apart and with a line-of-sight to a previous scan.

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Recover from errors

by moving the camera closer to a previous scan position and trying again.

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Scan up the stairs

and create a new floor in the Capture app when you get to the top.

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Keep doors open

the entire time to avoid alignment issues. Use doorstops if necessary.

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Doors that are closed in one scan and open in another can cause problems. Learn more.

Going Outside?

360º Views are like normal 3D scans, but they can stand alone - they are not connected to other scans.

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Upload Your Model

Upload Steps

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Mark all windows and mirrors.
Connect iPhone/iPad to internet.
Log in to in app.
Tap 'Upload' to send to the cloud.

Once you've scanned the entire environment, upload your data to the cloud for processing.

Step 2:  Edit Your 3D Space

1) Open a browser on a laptop or desktop.

2) Log in to Matterport Cloud at:
Don't have an account yet? Get a FREE or STARTER account at

3) Find your space and explore it.

Edit and Enrich Your 3D Model

Click the 'pencil icon' to switch to editing mode. Change the start position, add annotations, highlight reels, take measurements, and more to create a rich, truly immersive experience for your visitors.

Set the Start Position

where people start when the 3D space loads.

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Verify the address

or add an address if none exists.

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Take 2D Snapshots

from the 3D space for use in your digital marketing..

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Create a Highlight Reel

for a one-click, guided tour through the 3D space.

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Hide extra scans

or scans that show sensitive information. They won't appear in the final 3D space.

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Add Mattertag Posts

to provide more info and to link to external sites.

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Step 3:  Share the 3D Space With Others

Share what you've captured with colleagues, clients, friends, family, and the world!

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Contact our support team

with any questions, issues, and feedback that you have. Our team is here to help!

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Best Practices for Editing

Copy the sharing link and paste it into:

Text Message
Social Media

Copy and paste the ❮iframe❯ code. Embed the space in your blog, website, or content management system (CMS).

Scan outside last. Even if it's a few scans (like the patio), save them for the end. Switching between inside and outside while doing 3D scans can lead to alignment issues.

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Everything you need to be successful with Matterport and your 360 camera

Attach the 360 camera to the tripod. Make sure it is secure. 

Turn on the camera and wait for the WiFi light to blink.


360 cameras

You can print these instructions and take them with you. Download the PDF.

Matterport Capture

Open the App Store on your iOS device. Search for 'Matterport Capture' and install. 


*Sorry, Android version not available

Step 1:  Scan the Property

Open Settings > Wi-Fi. Select the Wi-Fi network for your 360 camera.

Your typical user flow when using Matterport.

From now until April 15th 2019, any models scanned with 360 cameras process for free

Enjoy scanning and tell us what you think! Send us an email.

Ricoh Theta V or Ricoh Theta Z1: The default password is the serial number on the bottom of the device. Just the numbers no characters.

Insta360 ONE X: Connect your smartphone to the Insta360 over Wi-Fi. Learn How > How do I connect the ONE X to my phone?

Your 3D space can be more than just images. Make it a rich, immersive experience for viewers.

Once uploaded, our servers in the cloud will process your scan data into a finished and complete 3D space. We'll send you an email when processing is complete!

Fine-tune the user experience for viewers exploring your 3D space with URL parameters. Learn more.

Installation Steps

Get a cloud account

Get a FREE account to begin experimenting today. Get a STARTER account to share your spaces. Upgrade to higher levels as your business grows.

Get an account

Remember to update the firmware on your 360 camera.

Learn How

 Remember to update the firmware on your 360 camera

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Insta360 ONE X

Ricoh Theta Z1 or V