AEC professionals from Gilbane, Hensel Phelps, Mortenson, and more are using Matterport’s Pro2 3D Camera and Cloud platform to streamline workflows, minimize labor costs, reduce site visits, and to mitigate risk. Sign up for our live webinar to learn how you can use Matterport’s 3D reality capture solution to make your projects more efficient and cost-effective.

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Fast, Affordable Reality Capture for the Built Environment

John Chwalibog,
Director of AEC

Dan Prochazka,
AEC Product Specialist

"We have been quite successful in transitioning Matterport into the field, which has helped reduce costs and make certain projects more efficient. Our field engineers and project managers have found Matterport to be a valuable solution in both expediting our documentation processes while simultaneously broadening access and simplifying our communication of as-built field conditions.”

- Joel Jacobson
BIM/VDC Manager, Mortenson Construction

Webinar Agenda:

Traditional Capture Methods

How Reality Capture Improves Job Efficiency

Deep Dive: The Matterport 3D Reality Capture Solution

Proof of Concept:
Matterport on the Job Site

TL Circle Case Study

Hensel Phelps

Live Q&A


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Date: March 28, 2017

Time: 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern

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